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Artist CV
Artist Statement

In recent years I work with different media, often concerning personal experience, cultural heritage, and sometimes social and environmental changes as my inspirations and themes. I follow the changes of my personal life making adjestments and innovation, allowing matters in their natural forms of development. My various series of works aim to express my interest and contemplation regarding the process or the evolvement of “precipiation”, also my thoughts on “true vs untrue”and “illusion vs reality”. Although the forms and appearances of my work changes, the essence of my aimremains the same.

Artist Biography

Ng earned his Master of Fine Art from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 2011. He obtained a Diploma in Chinese ink painting from the Department of Extra-mural Studies of the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1986.

His works have been collected by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, the Hong Kong Museum of Art and private collectors.

Ng’s art has been featured in more than 70 overseas and local exhibitions, including “Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition” ( Hong Kong Museum of Art, 1983, 1989,1992, 1984 ), ‘The 10th National Art Exhibition’ (2004), “New Ink Art: Innovation and Beyond” (Hong Kong Museum of Art).

Ng was invited to participate at the “1st Land Art Biennial – Mongolia 360°” Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery, Ulaanbaatar (2010).

He has received many awards, including the ‘Hong Kong Urban Council Fine Arts Award’ (Painting, Chinese Media.1994) and ‘the Special Award’ by ‘the 10th National Art Exhibition’ (2004).

Ng’s public art creations can be seen in the VIP Room of Hong Kong International Airport, Wet-land Park, Hong Kong Health Department, Police Headquarters Building, TST Centenary Memorial Park, Sai Kung Visual Corridor, K11 Art Mall, etc.

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