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Artist Statement

In 2015 Stanley used SUGUS candy (瑞士糖) as the building blocks to reconstruct a vanished building from twentieth century Hong Kong, the Swiss Bank it was a miniature sculpture of the 3rd generation Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation main building. Stanley wants to reconstruct those buildings, as a reminder to the people of Hong Kong about the disappearing of their treasures. At the same time, to consider what they are actually leaving behind for their future generations.


To continue a similar concept as his “Swiss Bank”, in which Siu used SUGUS sweats to construct an iconic Hong Kong building. Siu has decided for the exhibition Back to the Future to use wax blocks to reconstruct the Hong Kong Shanghai Banks main building. Siu’s concept is to preserve a vanished building for the cultural and historic record of Hong Kong. In Hong Kong we have a wax museum called Madame Tussauds and within the museum there are wax figures of Hong Kong icons such as movie stars and pop singers, some figures have already passed away. These wax figures reminds us of the memories and good times these icons have brought to us during their glamorous years. The concept of the new work Wax Bank is to present a similar appreciation as the Tussauds wax figures, to awaken beautiful childhood memories of our past.

Artist Biography

Stanley Siu grew up and studied in New Zealand where he received his Bachelor of Architecture from UNITEC School of Architecture. He returned to Hong Kong after graduation and has practiced as an architect on a number of residential, commercial, master planning, cultural and sustainability projects in Hong Kong and China. Stanley’s main role is responsible for project design from inception to detailed design stages, and project administration including building approval application to local authorities, through preliminary design stage to project completion. In 2014, Stanley has received the Young Architect Awards 2013 organized by the Hong Kong Institute of Architects. This is one of the most prestigious awards in Hong Kong to honour and acknowledge the talents and contribution of Stanley’s achievements in the field of Art and Architecture. 

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