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Journey to Xiamen at SOMA space (16/6 - 28/6)

Tony Scott invites you to an exhibition

Journey to Xiamen at SOMA space.

Opening Fri. 16th June 5 – 8pm

Exhibition Wed. 16 June – Sat. 28 June

Open 12 – 5pm


In 2001 I first travelled to Xiamen City, China – this visit was to establish an ongoing relationship between myself and the city that continues to this day. Xiamen has been an important trade and political center in China since Tang times and was established as one of the first special economic zones by Deng Xiaoping in the early 80’s. It was first colonized by the Portuguese in the 16th Century the Dutch in the 17th Century and opened as an international port by the British in 1842 at the end of the first Opium wars. It is a fascinating city still echoing it’s historic and cultural past. This exhibition is my visual diary of my encounters with this city.


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