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Artist CV
Artist Statement

Sim’s work is a tangible expression of the desire to unlock and blur boundaries of forms within the city. He has been worked on depictions of the local cityscape and the urban architecture intensively. His work is a compilation of artist’s own observations, reminiscences and tactile senses towards the ever-changing city. Looking into the urban development with his saw, wooden frame and paintbrushes, Sim tries to explore the underneath correlations between lifestyle and the changes that people made upon the nature; which, indeed, reveals his pursuit of dream from the struggles in reality.

Artist Biography

Born in Hong Kong in 1987, graduated from the Hong Kong Art School, Major in Painting.

Sim set up his studio in Fotan since 2007; He also participated artist-in-residence program in Beijing in 2009. He was selected as one of the nominees for the Sovereign Asian Art Prize 2011 and the Sovereign Asian Art Prize 2013, He was awarded “40under40” global creative talent by Perspective Magazine in 2013. In the same year, he was commissioned to create a public art installation at Hong Kong Arts Centre.  He was selected by “Art @ Government Buildings 2013-14” to create a public art installation and paintings at Queen Elizabeth Stadium.

He participated in various art exhibitions actively since 2007. Sim’s work has been exhibited in different cities such as Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Singapore, Tokyo, Thailand, Korea, London, Venice, Zurich and Melbourne. Collectors of his art include APO’s Public Art Collections, Hysan Place, Leo Gallery, Red Elation Gallery and private collections in Hong Kong and abroad.

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