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Artist Statement

Using Chinese ink links me with a tradition thousands of years old. This medium helps me align ancient thought and ancestral artistic practice with the present, something very important to me. Every day I work with both calligraphy and drawing, and the Beautiful Lines series is a hybrid of these two. A recent visit to Stonehenge left a profound impact on me, and since then I have been fascinated with finding a way to express the eternal knowledge of those who came before us. My work reflects an ongoing fascination with the colour spectrum, natural phenomena, ancient mystical sites and supernatural activity. Modern art today is just fashion, I am reconciling the divide between art and thought – I am thinking and creating. I do not consider myself a ‘contemporary artist’. Through traditional medium and modern method, Beautiful Lines bridges communication between past and present.

Artist Biography

Beijing based artist and documentary filmmaker. Co-founder of HART Center For Arts in 2003

As painter and video artist, his works are collected by  Lehman Brothers, New York, Rossi & Rossi, London, T.A.G Fine Art, England, JoostvanDenBerg, London/Netherland, Crown Casino/Hotel, Macau, Private collections are in Australia, England, China etc.

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