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Artist Statement

City landscapes and toys are the main focus as subjects for my work. The city is expanding rapidly as a monster.  There are new buildings being built everyday. Tower-cranes, sand-piles, steel-bars and concrete are forming another kind of landscape. The loud noise and messy construction sites have an emotional effect on me, but in my painting they are replaced by peacefulness. The light colour of my palette enables my exhausted nerves to rest for a while, and gives me more time to explore inside my heart.

I am emotional, depressed, impatient, and most often I feel helpless. But actually my life is very mundane – working, painting, and playing. I respond to the people, the fragile toys and children and various kinds of objects.

Artist Biography

Born in Shandong Province, China in 1974. She currently lives and works in Beijing as a full-time artist.

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