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Time and Scale – 10 Hong Kong Artists at HQ

Behind this hoarding is a purpose-built 24-storey gallery and lifestyle tower under construction and due to open in mid 2017.

The new building known as H Queen’s (HQ) is a game-changer for how we may experience lifestyle and art in Hong Kong. It is set to become Hong Kong’s most dynamic vertical lifestyle and arts precinct.

The Time & Scale public art presentation is a form of place-making that offers audiences a tantalizing taste of what to expect.

Ten local Hong Kong artists have been commissioned for the Time and Scale project and each of them address the question “What does it take to change a culture?” The hoardings around HQ are a more than two thousand and five hundred square foot canvas for these artists to bring their art to the streets. Public art infuses public spaces with the spirit of creativity and offers passers-by the opportunity to engage with creative ideas.

On the Queen’s Road Central facade, the artist known as Frog King (Kwok Mang Ho) has built a graffiti wall in his signature style. He connects all peoples and cultures through the thread of levity and joyful explosions of laughter.

On the Stanley Street facade Lam Tung Pang has made a large site specific contemporary work that blends elements of the old and new Hong Kong.

The Pottinger Street facade presents the work of eight younger or emerging Hong Kong artists.











The Land, The People, The CityUOB Art Space Uniquely @ REGAL Hotel, Hong Kong, June 2016

China Art Projects were engaged to curate“The Land. The People. TheCity”, the inaugural exhibition staged at the UOB Art Space uniquely@ REGAL new gallery. The exhibitionshowcases twenty-nine selected artworks from The UOB Singapore art collection. UOB is a financial institution with strong cultural traditions and a deep commitment to promoting art and culture. This passion for culture was the driving force behind UOB establishing in 1982 the Painting of the Year competition in Singapore. The Prize has been closely associated with the development of the UOB Art Collection, which is strongly focused on Singaporean artists as well as artists from the neighboring region. Over time the Collection has grown and now includes more than 2,000 works of art. Seen together these works form a picture of Singapore’s rich cultural fabric

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