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Bellini Yu Guy Tse & Dick Lai Chun Ling, China Art Projects – project space, Hong Kong, 23 May – 10 June 2013

Artists: Bellini Yu Guy Tse & Dick Lai Chun Ling

Through my series of artwork, I pay tribute to Left – people who do not have the “right” behavior, thinking and life style, and are therefore being discriminated against and forsaken by society. Seeing that every single day they endeavor to learn and adapt themselves to the “right” way of living has nurtured my personal growth as a human fellow and as an artist. I have formulated my own concept of aesthetics, which is not limited to objects or the arts, but includes human beings who have atypical body shapes, abilities and needs. Their appearances, thoughts and behavior may well be a form of beauty; not the kind that shines or elites one’s adoration, but is an energy that compels the spectator to reflect on his/her own life and the splendor of existence.

YU Bellini Guy Tse Hong Kong 2013



Wayne Warren Gold, Studio Rouge, Hong Kong, 2013

Conceptual artist Wayne Warren takes as his theme the issue of cultural detritus. His new frieze work ‘Adding two inches to the top of the room’, is a tapering cast rubber construction in which all manner of refuse, from mobile phones to discarded nuts and bolts are present. Forming a slender gold-encrusted layer, these objects can be read in a variety of ways. Considered horizontally, they mimic the unending energy of mechanised factory-line production. Cross-sectionally, they evoke something of the geological fossil bank, whereby entire eons are contained in a slender strip of earth; a thing certainly suggested by the work’s unambiguous title.




Damian Smith

British artist Wayne Warren is a twenty first century Midas. Myth has it that anything that Midas touched turned to gold. Whereas the King of Phrygia was interested in accumulation of personal wealth, Warren has diametrically opposite intentions.

Embracing the attributes of the magician Warren transmutes the detritus of the industrialised world into the simulacra of precious metal. He has revealed every purveyor or geologistʼs dream – a seam of gold in a stratum of rock. A pair of pliers, a buckle, paper clips, a disposable fork, all easily found in any dime store, but now transformed into gold with the spray from an aerosol can.

George Michael Yeo Hong Kong December 2013


Illumination 1 & 2, China Art Projects – project space, Hong Kong, 23 – 30 November & 1 – 30 December 2013

Artists: Hu Qinwu, Celia Tin Yan Ko, Wayne Warren, Huang Xu, Tony Scott, DanDan Dai, Liu Zhuoquan, Jayne Dyer, Angela Yuen, Pauline Crogan, Kate Anderson, Vicki Grace.

A series of exhibitions at the China Art Projects project space, Hong Kong highlighting the work of selected Chinese, Hong Kong, Australian and British artists who use colour and luminosity as an emotional and intellectual element in their work.











Gao Ping - Welcome to My World, Seva Frangos Art, Perth Australia, October 2013

Gao Ping’s work is about her – the way she sees her world, what she feels about the things around her, how she responds at any given time to real or imagined situations – it is about the ordinary. But her work is not ordinary. In one sense, it is not unusual – artists have been revealing their hopes, fears, joys and aspirations forever – what is particular about Gao Ping is the choice and treatment of subject that takes the commonplace into the psychic domain of human existence and right to the edge of the dark void.

Reg Newitt Beijing April 2012
















Zhou Hongbin – Aquarium, China Art Projects – project space, Hong Kong, 12 – 26 September 2013

Zhou references traditional motifs and imagery in distinctly non-traditional ways. In the ‘Aquarium’ series her beloved pet rabbits, multiplied through digital magic, swim energetically through a mysterious watery world, a liminal no-place where the impossible becomes possible. It’s an imagined Utopia, far from the real Chinese urban world of constant demolition, chaos, redevelopment, pollution and environmental destruction. The artist has said that she intends to create “lovely and pure thoughts…and avoid the conflict of reality.”

Luise Guest Zhou Hong Bin 2013.

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