Artist Statement

Cam Wong looks at both the past and the present for inspiration in her practice – both traditional and common place Hong Kong domestic items and contemporary surfaces reminiscent of decaying walls and brittle MTR station tiles. In her ephemeral light pieces her delicate and sophisticated etchings and digital prints capture the passing of light and time over surface in a subtle narrative of time and place.

In the paradox of existence and disappearance

“How to define the space-time between existence and disappearance? 

Can I say it is the halt between two words in a sentence? Or is it an equivalent to the volume of a book from its cover to cover? Or is it the split moment when the book is closed?

It seems like that there is a conflict between existing and disappearing. It seems like that they are contradicting each other. Every existence implies disappearance, for which disappearance is the final destination for every existence. 

When life is vigorous we don’t anticipate its end. Once it vanishes, our attempt is to search for its once glowing temperature in our memory. We try to preserve it in mind, for the fear that it may fade out gradually. 


Where sunlight walks on the wall, it comes and goes, the angle of incidence marks the whole process of existence and disappearance. I give the moment a halt, seems it is a stop motion of life.

Artist Biography

b. 1983, Hong Kong