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Artist Statement

This is no simple representation but rather an imaginary skyline made from locally selected traditional objects inspired from and collected throughout the streets, shops and industries of Yau Ma Tei. Look inside and be delighted by the selection of objects chosen to represent the exciting markets, shops and commerce to be found throughout the local streets and industrial areas of Kowloon. Each object selected marks a significant era or period of Hong Kong manufacturing over the past 50 years. Manufacturing in Hong Kong has been one of the great backbones of a thriving society but because of new technology, rapid city development and economic realities are making this type of manufacturing a disappearing and struggling industry.

I have collected objects and crafts found in the Yau Ma Tei / Kowloon district stores from as many local and family run stores and stalls as possible as a celebration and joyous reminder of what remains in the district.

Each Diorama represents a platform to tell a small but fascinating story to celebrate this history of both struggle and self-reliance of Hong Kong trades and its people.

Artist Biography

Angela Yuen graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2014, is interested in observing people’s ways of connection. She went to Linfiled College in the U.S. for an exchange program in 2013 to develop her installation art and received the Dean's List Honors. In 2016, she  Her works have been shown in Hong Kong and Beijing.; collected in Hong Kong, Beijing and Australia. 

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