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Journey To Xiamen, SOMA Space, Melbourne, 2017

Solo exhibition - Journey to Xiamen  - is a series of paintings & installations celebrating Tony Scott's  22 years traveling and working in China.

Journey, Sagra Gallery, Melbourne, 2017

Gao Ping – China | Tony Smibert – Australia | Angela Yuen – Hong Kong | Zhou Hongbin – China
Tony Scott – Australia | Man Chun Kwong – Hong Kong | Deng Yi Fu - China


Seven artists explore the connections between China and Australia. Throughout their journeys they are commentators and initiators who, through their art, move past the comfort zones of their original homes. 

They are driven by curiosity and a search for deeper understanding of cultural and personal practice.

Journey raises questions about how contemporary artists communicate beyond their every day language, and extend the boundaries of national and individual identities.

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