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China Arts Projects supports the development of contemporary art and provides mentorship and international opportunities to emerging artists.

Artists Tony Scott and Wayne Warren established C.A.P in Beijing in 2008. As directors, they brought to C.A.P extensive experience as artists, curators and managers of corporate projects and exhibitions. Tony Scott has lived in China and Hong Kong for over twenty years having moved to Beijing in 2006 to work as project manager at the prestigious Red Gate Gallery.

C.A.P is concerned with artists and art projects that draw on cultural traditions to reinterpret artistic practice and challenge assumptions about social conventions. Solo and group exhibitions investigate relationships between the artists and their respective cultures.

Artists are provided with avenues to exhibit their work, access to sales, and opportunities to enhance their understanding by participating in programs and projects. The C.A.P experience also improves the communication between artists, critics, collectors and art agencies within and across national and cultural boundaries.

C.A.P cooperates with other agencies – business, cultural, educational and political – to achieve the aims and objectives of those organizations. Exhibition space is secured according to the demands of the exhibition concept and the nature of the work involved.

Since its establishment C.A.P has organized over 50 exhibitions and commissions in cities as diverse as Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Hong Kong, London, Berlin, Tokyo, Osaka and Singapore. C.A.P artists have been featured in art fairs in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Melbourne and Sydney.

C.A.P has been awarded government and commercial grants, including the Australian International Cultural grant through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Melbourne City Council Exchange grant. Other grants include the Melbourne International Touring and Export grant, the Arts Victoria Exhibition grant and Residency, and the Australia China Council Exhibition grant through the Australian Embassy, Beijing.

Curation / Exhibitions / Publications / Consultancy / Commissions / Collections / Art Fairs
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